If you are mountain bike or motorcyclist, a stay in Santa Caterina Valfurva will fascinate you! Exciting trails through woods and at high altitude, over great mountain passes: Stelvio and Gavia waiting for you!

 Santa Caterina Valfurva is located in Alta Rezia, and under this name bike sport reunites a region that has in fact historically and culturally always been united. This is where we bring together things that have long since belonged together. Alta Rezia opens up a fascinating world of apparent contrasts to bikers that merits closer inspection.
The name "Alta Rezia" is of Latin origin and means "Higher Rhaetia". Visitors still encounter the word Rhaetian, for example in the name of the "Rhaetian Railway" that works ideally as a freeride-shuttle, or in the "Rhaeto-Romansch language", which is one of the 3 languages of the Alta Rezia region, alongside German and Italian.
Throughout the entire area, there's a vast choice of shuttle services. Cable cars, the Rhätische Bahn, the Swiss postal service's yellow buses or the Land Rovers, all of them serve to transport both people and bikes in Santa Caterina and Bormio.
Do you want organize a bike tour in our region?

In Santa Caterina Valfurva you´ll find a great variety of bike tours for all levels, as well as Singletrail Maps, roadbooks and GPS data to download from our website.

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